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      Room Pollution and Human Health Report

      Release time:2017-07-12       

      1, inorganic building materials, mainly stone (granite, marble), as well as cement, gravel, brick.

      There is pollution: radon. A radioactive inert gas, colorless and tasteless, heavier than air, often suspended in the room one meter below the air, children due to height and other factors, more than adults inhalation of radon opportunities. Part of the radon contained in the building materials will be released into the air, radon α-ray radiation on the human body, destruction of cell structure and carcinogenic, WHO identified 19 carcinogenic factors, radon is one of them, second only to smoking.

      2, the use of concrete construction in the concrete admixture (can improve the strength and construction speed) and furniture coating additives.

      There is pollution: ammonia. Ammonia easily soluble in water, eye, throat, upper respiratory tract fast, irritating strong, light caused by congestion and secretions increased, which can cause pulmonary edema.

      3, all kinds of coatings, adhesives and various chemical materials such as interior paint and wood coatings (pure acid paint, polyester paint, nitro paint) and thinner, curing agent and binder.

      There is pollution: TVOC. This is the general term for volatile organic compounds, species of more than 100 species, its composition is extremely complex, which in addition to aldehydes and benzene, the common are trichlorethylene, chloroform, naphthalene, diisocyanate and so on. TVOC has a great impact on human health and health: when the TVOC in the room to reach a certain concentration, a short period of time people will feel headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc., if not timely leave the scene, severe convulsions, coma, memory loss, Hurt the human liver, kidney, brain and nervous system. Is caused by children's nervous system, blood system, acquired heart disease an important reason.

      4, building decoration in the extensive use of chemical raw materials, such as paint (paint).

      There is pollution: benzene. In the coating film and curing process, which contains benzene and other volatile components will be released from the paint, causing pollution. Benzene is published by the World Health Organization toxic substances, carcinogenic, mutagenic, but also in recent years caused by children with leukemia increased a major incentive.

      5, all kinds of man-made sheet (particleboard, fiberboard, plywood, etc.) and the production of furniture, wall, door, wood surface decoration laying. Where a lot of use of adhesives, there will be formaldehyde release. In addition, some chemical fiber carpets, paint coatings also contain a certain amount of formaldehyde.

      There is pollution: formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is the raw material for the manufacture of synthetic resins, paints, plastics and adhesives for man-made panels. Formaldehyde is a high toxicity of the original pulp poison, can be combined with the protein, people inhalation of high concentrations of formaldehyde, there will be severe respiratory irritation and edema, eye irritation, headache, asthma and so on. Often inhalation of a small amount of formaldehyde, can cause chronic poisoning, serious pollution can cause nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal disorders, but also lead to aplastic anemia.

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